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Ayres for the Violin: The Fourth Part

Table of Contents

Matteis included two separate tables in his edition, one listing "the most Easy Ayres in ye Book that may be played with the Flute as well as the Violin," and the other "ye Passages & Ayres a little harder to practice upon the Violin with double Stops and divisions." The titles from those tables, which are all in English and include the first 39 pieces, are listed in the first column of the table below. The second column gives the mostly Italian titles that appear in the body of the published edition. The last eight pieces, having been published along with the second treble volume two years after the rest, don't appear in Matteis' tables.

English Title Italian Title Key
1.PreludePreludio in A la mi re #A
2.Andamento with a divisionAndamentoA
3.A minuett with a division bassAria FacileA
4.A serious thing with double stopsSerioA
5.An Ayre in PassagesAria in PassagioA
6.(Untitled) A
7.CourratCorrente a Soloa
8.A JiggGigga
9.Prelude with double stopsPreludio a Due Cordea
10.A fuga with double stopsFugaa
11.A Passionate AndamentoAndamento Affetuosoa
12.Minuett with divisionMinuetto con sua Divisionea
13.A SonataSonataC
14.Fuga with first and secondFugaC
15.treble altogetherVivaceC
16.An EchoEco?
17.Another FugaFugaC
18.Almand to make a handAlemanda per Far la ManoC
19.A motionMotivoC
20.Ayre with a divisionAriaC
21.A slow thing with double stopsAdagioC?
22.Ayre with divisionAria for the FluteC
23.A PreludePreludio Semplicee
24.Prelude with double stopsPreludio a Due Cordee
25.A motionMotivoe
26.A Fuga with double stopsFuga a Due Cordee
27.An Easy AyreAriae
28.A single passagePassagio a Soloe
29.A Brisk thingAllegroE
30.A Pretty hard groundGround: Bizzarie Sopra un Basso MalinconicoE
31.Another AyreAria Amorosae
32.A Pretty hard Ground after the Scotch Humor to make a handGround after the Scotch HumorF
33.An Easy Grave according to the French wayUn Poco di GraveF
34.AyreAria for the FluteF
35.A PreludePreludio in D la sol red
36.Fuga in FancyFuga in Fantasiad
37.A grave thingGraved
38.A Ground with several divisionsGround in D la sol re Per Far la Manod
39.Ayres and Passages in imitation of the TrumpettConcerto de Trombe a Tre Trombette con Violini e FlautiC
40. Grave tra la Maniera Italiana e la Francese F
41. Aria Allegra F
42. Mottivo F
43. Aria F
44. Preludio D
45. Aria Allegra D
46. Sarabanda D
47. Aria o Pur Rondeau D

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